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Quadell's tip of the day: 4-letter vowel dumps

The 2-letter vowel dumps (in TWL06) are AA, AE, AI, OE, and OI. The only three-letter vowel dump is EAU. Here are the 4-letter words with only one consonant; they can be very useful to clean up a stubbornly vowel-heavy rack.

You probably already know many of the 4-letter vowel dumps that start with A, like AEON, AERO, AIDE, ALOE, AQUA, AREA, ARIA, ASEA, AURA, and AUTO. Here are the others:

AGEE - to one side
AGIO - a premium paid for currency exchange
AGUE - a malarial fever
AJEE - alt sp of agee, to one side
AKEE - a tropical tree
ALAE - pl of ALA, a wing
ALEE - toward one side of a vessel
AMIA - a freshwater fish
AMIE - a female friend
ANOA - a wild ox
AWEE - awhile

As for the 4-letter vowel dumps that start with E, you know EASE, EAVE, and EURO. Here are the others.
EAUX - pl of EAU, water
EIDE - pl of EIDOS, an essence
EMEU - alt sp of emu
EPEE - a type of sword
ETUI - a case for holding small articles

4-letter vowel dumps that start with I:
You know IDEA and IOTA.
ILEA - pl of ileum, a part of the small intestine
ILIA - pl of ilium, a bone of the pelvis
INIA - pl of inion, a part of the skull
IXIA - a flowering plant

4-letter vowel dumps that start with O:
You know OBOE, OLEO, and OOZE.
OBIA - alt sp of obeah, a form of sorcery of African origin
ODEA - pl of odeum, a theater or concert hall
OGEE - an S-shaped molding
OHIA - a tropical tree
OLEA - pl of oleum, oil
OLIO - a miscellaneous collection
OUZO - a Greek liqueur

4-letter vowel dumps that start with U:
UNAI - alt sp of unau, a two-toed sloth
UNAU - a two-toed sloth
UREA - a chemical compound
UVEA - a layer of the eye

4-letter vowel dumps that start with consonants:
BEAU - a boyfriend
CIAO - bye!
JIAO - alt sp of CIAO
LIEU - stead
LUAU - a Hawaiian feast
MEOU - alt sp of MEOW
MOUE - a pouting grimace
NAOI - pl of naos, an ancient temple
QUAI - alt sp of QUAY, a wharf
RAIA - alt sp of RAYAH, a non-Muslim Turk
ROUE - a lecherous man
TOEA - a monetary unit of Papua New Guinea
ZOEA - a larval form of certain crustaceans
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