Doug (revdj) wrote in scrabbleplayers,


Has this ever happened in Scrabble history?

A player has three Is on his/her rack. The player dumps one or two of the Is (via trading tiles or playing a word). The player draws new tiles and does NOT get at least one new I?

I know it is mathematically possible, but I've never seen it happen. Certainly not to me. In any of the email games I'm playing now. Or ever.
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I too am doomed to catch the Is when I ditch the Is, although I don't think I've ever caught it when I was caught up on tracking.
well, while i can't say i've noticed it being universal, there seem to be two outcomes to trying to rid oneself of vowelitis by trading: i either draw a bingo, or i draw another completely unplayable rack. oftentimes, it looks like polish (lack of vowels, heavy on cxz). i did trade 4 i's yesterday in a game on isc, but it's already escaped my history, so i can't verify what the outcome was. i lost 12 games in a row yesterday so i can only guess it wasn't pretty.
Get rid of all the I's! If trading, that is. You're sure to get back one, and one's enough.
yeah, it's happened to me several times.