Quadell (quadell) wrote in scrabbleplayers,

Quadell's tip of the day: place names.

Place names are usually not valid, of course, since they're capitalized. But just like people's names, sometimes the word will happen to be valid. Here is a list of some useful place names that are valid (TWL06 only).

Alaska - a type of fabric
Berlin - a type of carriage
Bolivia - another fabric
Boston - a card game
Chad - a scrap of paper
China - fine porcelain ware
Chile - chili
Colorado - type of cigar
Holland - another fabric
Japan - a glossy, black lacquer
Jordan - a type of container
Morocco - a soft leather
Paris - a European herb
Phoenix - a mythical bird
Texas - a structure on a steamboat
Toledo - a finely tempered sword
Zaire - monetary unit of Zaire
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