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Off-Topic, but Watch Me On TV TOMORROW!!!!!!

Ok folks, here's the big announcement!

Last fall I auditioned for, was chosen, and taped an episode of the game show "Merv Griffin's Crosswords," aka just "Crosswords."

Tomorrow is my first air date. Go to
Then click on your state and your market.
(Or maybe on the state that has a station you can get. Say you're in Canada and can pick up some US TV, or like my sister, in Madison but probably pulls from Chicago. I'm making it complicated, but seriously - just click around and find a station you can see!!!.)

Here's the catch: My show is the SECOND of the day. That means in markets where the station plays two shows, you will be able to see me tomorrow. In markets where it's only shown once a day, I don't air until July 23. Still, after tomorrow I can blog about what happened and what didn't happen.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! The Big Broadcast Day!

Watch and cheer me on, even though you'll be cheering for something that's already happened.

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